COVID-19 Policies

Dear TTS Community,

Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of every member of the TTS community is our highest priority. A preponderance of early child development science and experts agree that young children require community and interaction during this stage in their growth.

In our Vision and Plans for 20-2155, our mission remains steadfastly focused on creating an authentic Montessori experience and addressing the whole child. While the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease caused by the virus will inevitably impact our schoolhouse and redefine “normal activities, “ we will use the virus’s challenges to make the most of a carefully managed in-person program to benefit four micro-communities or pods of students at TTS. We are investing in several creative, preventative structures and protocols to enjoy being back in school safely. Our approach requires a partnership of mutual vigilance, emphasizing flexibility, mindfulness, and trust. In that spirit, the children will gain unexpected strengths as we model resilience, problem-solving, and pro-active, fear-free self-care. 

Here are some of the resources integrated into our “TTS Reboot”

The CDC:

The American Academy of Pediatrics:


Although TTS will follow the CDC guidelines and the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines to the best of our ability, some procedures will be unique to our campus, mandated by EEC (Early Education and Care, our licensing authority) and address specific needs within our community. Some of these needs are private. We ensure the confidentiality of all the individuals in the space, and for this reason, the newly established protocols are non-negotiable. This document is intended to describe our mutual commitment to everyone’s safety, and is open to change and improvement, based on the evolving information available from credible sources. 

We look forward to a year of collaboration, nurturing and learning in safety and good health.


Marni, Anju, and The Taylor School Team