Nature Integration

“Come forth into the light of things! Let nature be your teacher.”
–William Wordworth

The underlying motto is simple:  There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! At The Taylor School good outdoor gear is a must, and a change of clothes is always kept on hand for each child. At the core of nature integration is the ultimate classroom, prepared by nature herself. Extended time, well beyond the required minimums, provides students with the kind of frequent, unstructured, outdoor childhood experience that is not always present in many families’ modern lifestyles. Our students will usually enjoy hundreds of hours exploring and playing in natural settings during the course of his or her preschool and kindergarten experiences. In addition to the healthy growth and development of growing bodies and a lifelong habit of fitness, children’s outdoor discoveries also provide great subjects for all manner of artistic and verbal expression. Outdoor exploration also allows the time and opportunity for students to truly learn how to learn –- developing a curiosity and joy that supports valuable skills such as observation, experimentation, and sorting, through individual experiences and group sharing.